Deep Water: The Real Story


Darren Dale

Executive Producer: 

John Godfrey


Amanda Blue and Jacob Hickey


Amanda Blue


David McMahon, Dean Ingram, Sue Thompson, Les Skidmore, Peter Russell, Shane Brown, Ted Russell, Malcolm Smith, Susie Elelman, Paul Simes, Craig Ellis, Alan Rosendale, Duncan McNab, Steve Page, Jacqueline Milledge, Dr Allan Cala, Rick Feneley, Steve Johnson, Dan Glick






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Australian: Blackfella Films Pty Ltd




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Up to 80 murders, 30 unsolved cases, thousands of assaults.


In the 1980s and 1990s a murderous epidemic grips Sydney.


The police are indifferent at best, the wider community kept in the dark or simply disinterested.


Claw hammers, steel toe-cap boots, fatal punches and kicks. Vicious gangs stalk their vulnerable victims. These are savage beatings. Frenzied and brutal. Repeated stabbings, bashings and mutilations.


Crimes of hate.


Lured to their deaths in the picture perfect surrounds of Sydney’s stunning coastlines and parklands. The unsuspecting are cornered on the cliffs, their lives ended on the rocks below. Final cries drowned out by the churning ocean.


The attackers are united by contempt. Their targets united by their sexual identity.


All are gay - or assumed by their killers to be gay.


This is the story of how a wave of vicious crime engulfed a community but was invisible to most. A tale of police ineptitude, of a society riddled by homophobia. It’s a story that asks how much a life is worth, which lives are the most valuable, of heartbroken families, of searing grievance.


For the first time Deep Water - The Real Story presents the full account of the gay hate crime epidemic that bloodied Sydney’s coastline. It stirs up old cases in the hope that new evidence will rise to the surface. It sheds light on the many deaths officially recorded as ‘unsolved’, ‘suicide’ or ‘death by misadventure’. Could these men also be the victims of gay hate murders?


Perhaps after all these years, it’s not too late for those responsible to come forward or be found. Not too late for there to be peace for the dead, and justice for their loved ones.



Sunday 16 October, 2016

2017 TV Week Logies Awards
NOMINATED Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program


2017 ADG Awards
NOMINATED Best Direction in a Documentary Feature Film


2017 Down Under Berlin Film Festival
WINNER Best Film


2017 UNAA Media Awards
NOMINATED Best TV Documentary


2017 Walkley's
NOMINATED Walkley Documentary Award


2017 AACTA Awards
NOMINATED Best Feature Documentary


2017 APRA Screen Music Awards
NOMINATED Best Music for a Documentary


2018 NSW Premier Literary Awards
WINNER Betty Roland Prize for Scriptwriting


2018 Ozflix Awards
NOMINATED Best Documentary

2017 MiFO LGBT Film Festival
Sunday 30th April, 2017
Down Under Berlin Film Festival
Saturday 16th September, 2017