Darren Dale, Miranda Dear


Sue Smith


Rachel Perkins


Jimi Bani, Deborah Mailman, Ewen Leslie, Tom Budge, Charles Passi, Rob Carlton, Colin Friels, Miranda Otto, Felix Williamson, Matthew Whittet, Leon Ford, Merwez Whaleboat


Telemovie (103 mins)




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In 1973 Koiki 'Eddie' Mabo was shocked to discover that the ownership of the land his ancestors had passed down on Murray Island in the Torres Strait for over 16 generations, was not legally recognised as theirs. Rather than accept this injustice, he began an epic fight for Australian law to recognise traditional land rights. Eddie never lived to see his land returned to him, but the name Mabo is now known in every household throughout the country. In January 1992, at only 55, Eddie died of cancer. Five months later the High Court overturned the notion of terra nullius. Underscoring this epic battle is Eddie's relationship with his wife Bonita.


MABO traces Eddie's life - from a carefree young man of seventeen, through his courtship and marriage to his one true love, up to his death and the handing down of the High Court decision on that historic day - 3rd June 1992. MABO is as much a love story as a document of one man's fight for recognition of what he believed was legally his.

Sunday 10th June 2012

2013 TV Week Logie Awards

WINNER Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actress – Deborah Mailman

NOMINATED Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Miniseries or Telemovie

NOMINATED Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actor – Jimi Bani

NOMINATED Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress – Deborah Mailman (also for ‘Redfern Now’ and ‘Offspring’)


2013 AACTA Awards

NOMINATED Award for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama – Jimi Bani


2012 Australian Writers’ Guild

WINNER AWGIE Award for Best Original Telemovie Screenplay – Sue Smith


2012 Australian Guild of Screen Composers

WINNER Australian Screen Music Award for Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie – Antony Partos (Composer) (Sonar Music: Publisher)

If you are interested in finding out more about Mabo including behind the scenes videos and interviews with the cast and crew please visit


Additional educational resources are also available from the Mabo Classroom, an interactive curriculum relevant for studies in History and The Arts. This dynamic multiplatform asset is a comprehensive resource for the teaching and learning about Eddie Koiki Mabo - his personal life, his exceptional attributes and the extraordinary achievement he determined for Indigenous Australians.


MABO Classroom resource includes:


- Extensive Behind the Scenes videos

- Interviews with the Creative Team and Cast

- Five short historical documentaries produced by ABC Indigenous

- Interactive Quiz

- Historical Timeline including archival footage and images from the era


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